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3 Layers UPVC Roof Sheet With ASA Type 840/ UPVC Multilayer Corrugated Roofing Sheets For Building Material

Feature:Waterproof and Corrosion resistance
Thickness:2.0 mm,2.5 mm,3.0 mm
Length: Customized, max 5800mm for 20'GP, max 11800mm for 40'GP
color:White, blue, grey, green or customized
Material:PMMA coated + UPVC
Application:roof,ceiling,wall panel etc

Detailed description

3 Layers UPVC Roof  Sheet with ASA Type 840/ UPVC Multilayer Corrugated Roofing Sheets for Building Material


Product Specification of 3 Layers UPVC Roof Sheet with ASA:

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UPVC Roof  Sheet with ASA Type 840.jpg


Item number

3 Layers UPVC Roof  Sheet with ASA Type 840


PVC,UPVC,APVC, surface material:ASA Coated, color stable


Efficient Width:840mm,Overall Width:900mm,Wave spacing:210mm


1.5mm ,2.0mm, 2.5mm 3.0mm(general thickness)


Customized, max 5800mm for 20'GP, max 11800mm for 40'GP

Wave Profile



Regular colors:Terra Cotta, Red, Light red, Green, Blue, Grey, Black, Orange etc.
Special colors can be processed according to clinets' color swatch if the order quantity

is more than 5000 square meters.  

Life span

50 years

Color lastinng10years(ASA coated)


Industrial, agriculture, commercial housing, etc


Long service life: 40-45 years
Colorfast: 10-15 years without color fading
Loading bearing: It can load 150 kg per square meter evenly
Light weight: 6.1kg/square meter
Water resistance: 100%
Fire resistance: Self-extinguish off fire
Anti corrosion
Impact resistance and low temperature resistance
Sound and heat insulation
Small Thermal expansivity
Environmental protection and energy conservation
Easy to install...


PE bag, nude or pallet according to length


4000 Square meters

Payment Terms

T/T, L/C, Western Union


Product Show:


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plastic tile roofs.jpg


upvc white plastic sheet.jpg


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plastic roof sheeting.jpg


Features of 3 Layers UPVC Roof Sheet with ASA


1.Lasting Color :
It boasts extraordinary durability in natural environment . It is able to maintain its stable color even under long term exposure to such severe conditions as ultraviolet rediation , dampness, heat and coldness.

2.Excellent weatherability :
Ultra-weather proof surface to ensure the durability of products , the thickness of surface layer≥0.2mm .
Excellent corrosion resistance :
In the salt , alkali and following a 24-hour soaking in 60% acid , no chemical reaction and no fading . Very suitable for acid rain-prone areas ,corrosive workshop and coastal area use , the effect was particularly significant.
Good sound insulation :
The tests prove that : in suffering heavy rain , high winds the impact of outside noise , it has a good absorption of the noise effect , noise down 30bB than color steel tile.

5.Extraordinary heat preservation and heat insulation :
Heat insulation-3~5 centidegree lower than steel tile .
Insulativity :
It’s insulation products , will also be intact in an accident discharge .
Fire retardant :
Through the national fire authority of the deparment according to standards for testing , fire safety performance ≥ B grade.
Impact resistance and cold resistance , it's recommended to use for cold area  :
Good impact resistant capacity , the test proves the falling of 1KG steel ball from 3 meters high can not make it crack , it also has good inpact resistant performance in cold environment.       
Excellent thermal insulation :
Its thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.325w/mk , clay tile is about 1/310 , cement tile 1/5,0.5mm color steel tile 1/2000. Its heat insulation capacity is much improved comparing with two layer co-extrusion tile.



upvc roof sheet 860 wave type.jpg

UPVC Sheet wave type 860.jpg




Packaging: Product can be packed with pallets, longer product can be packed with PE bags.

1.Pallet packaing, tight and keeps the products in safety condition, easy to load and upload.
2.PE Bags Packaging: 4-5 pcs per bag, keep your products safe and no scratch, with metal supporting structure in the container,roof tiles are stable during transportation.

For 40'GP, length no longer than 11800mm, for 20'GP, length no longer than5800mm

upvc plastic sheet package.jpg



Our Workshop:

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corrugated plastic sheet lowes.jpg


roofing plastic tiles.jpg


Applications of UPVC Roof Sheet with ASA:


UPVC roof tile/upvc roof sheet/upvc roof/upvc roof panel suit for Factory,steel structe, factory, warehouse, market,entrance of the market,shed etc,it especial suit for chemical factory,smelting plant,ceramics factory,Soy sauce factory,chemical fertilizer plant ect.which is acid/alkali corrosion factory.
Feature:Waterproof and Corrosion resistance


upvc ridge roof tiles.jpg

upvc sheets for roofing application.jpg



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SANMIN has been in Resin/UPVC roof tiles industry since 1998, with 17 advanced production lines

and 300 employees. Certified by ISO9001:2008, the brand is very famous in China and overseas market.

Our roofing tiles are currently exported worldwide, in particular to Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa,

West and South-east Asia and Australia.




1). What are the service ?
     The company has been engaged in the export business for nearly 20 years, leading in the same industry

 in Xi'an, Shaan Xi  province. we have our own technical team and keep introducing and promoting new

products to help customers keep the market.

2). How to install the price of UPVC roofing sheet?
     Overlap, on the vertical direction overlap 150-200mm, on the horizontal direction overlap one wave.



3). What machine do you use to cut UPVC/PVC Roofing Sheet?
    Using portable cutting machine.


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Welcome to wholesale the 3 layers upvc roof sheet with asa type 840/ upvc multilayer corrugated roofing sheets for building material from our factory. As one of the professional China manufacturers and suppliers, we can assure you of its good corrosion resistance and excellent decorative value. Please be free to get the quality tile for sale from us and enjoy our cheap price.
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