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High Quality Synthetic Resin Tile Type Double Layers, Long Lifespan Fadeless Bright Color Roof Tiles, Light Weight Green Waterproof Roofing material, ASA, PVC Synthetic Resin Roof Tile

Thickness :2.3, 2.5, 3.0mm(±0.2mm)
Overall Width :880mm
Efficient Width:800mm
Wave Spacing:160mm
Wave Height :30mm
Wave Pitch :250mm
Surface:glaze,pitted surface
Purlin distance:750mm
Length:6m or less than 6m
can be customized but should be multiple of 250mm (wave pitch)
Color:purplish red, bright red, brick red, sky blue
grey, dark green, white, golden, or customized

Detailed description

High Quality Synthetic Resin Tile Type Double Layers, Long Lifespan Fadeless Bright Color Roof Tiles, Light Weight Green Waterproof Roofing material, ASA, PVC Synthetic Resin Roof Tile

Synthetic resin roof tile double layers


SANMIN brand synthetic resin tile(decorative tile, antique tile) is the latest product,which is the use of France Arkema ASA high weathering engineering resin.The product has an antique three-dimensional structure.For the modern antique, Western,European architecture to add a new element of innovation.This product is ornamental,decorative effect,rich color,stable performance,safe screen,but also has a light,waterproof, tough,thermal insulation,sound insulation,corrosion resistance,wind and earthquake,anti-fouling,fire insulation,easy installation Etc.It is the ideal material for the villa,European and other architectural roof decoration and fireproof.

ASA consists of Acrylonitrile, Styrene and Acrylate. It has a super weather, chemical resistance and heat resistance, heat distortion temperature of 910 degrees. Color stability, rich colors, light under the level of gloss and other characteristics.



2.3, 2.5, 3.0mm(±0.2mm)

Overall Width


Efficient Width


Wave Spacing


Wave Height


Wave Pitch



glaze,pitted surface

Purlin distance



6m or less than 6m, can be customized but should be multiple of 250mm (wave pitch)


purplish red, bright red, brick red, sky blue, grey, dark green, white, golden, or customized

synthetic resin roof tile specification.jpg

synthetic resin roof tile color.jpg


1. Good soundproof
The phonological measurement experiments show that in the event of heavy rain, hail, wind and other external noise, the SANMIN synthetic resin tile can absorb noise, reduce the noise through.
2. Good insulation
SANMIN synthetic resin tile’s thermal conductivity is 0.14Lcal / mhr ℃, clay tile is 1/5, 0.5mm thick color steel tile 1/200. Without considering the case of insulation layer, the SANMIN resin tile’s insulation properties  can achieve the best.
3. Resistant to low temperature, impact resistance
SANMIN synthetic resin tile at room temperature (23 ± 2 ~ C) by the ball hit the test, if 1KG heavy steel ball falls from 1 meter high,the tile surface will not produce cracks or through a hole.
4. Excellent corrosion resistance
The main resin and surface resin of SANMIN synthetic resin tile have a very good corrosion resistance, will not be  in rain and snow erosion, and can resist acid alkali,salts and other chemical erosion. Experiments show that the product does not deform or discolor in 40% Na OH solution, and various microorganisms can not survive on the surface of the tile.
5. Excellent self-waterproof performance
SANMIN synthetic resin tile use of high-resistant resin itself is dense and non-absorbent, there is no problem of micro porous water. Resin tile single large area, less roof joints, and lap joints with tight, compared with the traditional tile is more prominent waterproof.

Rich colors,no fading
Strong fire resistance
Volume stability
Self-cleaning performance
Excellent anti-load type
Easy installation, fast, low cost
Modeling design science, simple and elegant
Long lasting
Ecological environmental protection

What's the advantage of synthetic resin plastic roof tile, comparing with other roof tile of ceramic, wood, metal, galvanized, concrete and clay?

advantage of synthetic resin plastic roof tile.jpg


main ridge tile; diagonal ridge tile; three-way ridge tile; fittings.

Accessories of Synthetic Resin Roof Tile.jpg

Production flow:

synthetic resin roof tile production flow.jpg

Installation rules and procedures:

Synthetic Resin Roof Tile.jpg

1. Purlin selected square tube (60X40X3mm), c steel or wood preservative side.
2. Purlin spacing of 750mm, arranged from the bottom up.
3. First install the gutter, and then install the tiger window and wall part of the flood and waterproof.
4.When conducting the main tile, according to the local wind direction reverse installation, lap a tile wave, both sides at the same time.
5. The installation of the ridge is the first ridge tile cut off after a period of time to install.
6.Positive, diagonal tile tile installation lap should be sawing positive, inclined back tile installed after and then install the three-way tile.
7.Fixed parts should be the special accessories,when fixed, firstly drill a hole, aperture should be 2mm over than the special accessories screw.
8. Self-tapping screws recommend the use of 6.3 × 75 drilling tail wire.
Eight, installation Note:
1,When fastening special accessories, the screw’s tightness should be moderate, not too tight or too loose.
2, Please use a fine tooth saw when cutting.
3, Fasteners installed after the need to use neutral adhesive sticky firm.
4, The main tile lap to be a horizontal lap, vertical at least a lap.
5, Purlin space should be or less than 750mm.
6, About the specific installation details, please consult manufacturers, and in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the national construction rules.

Product Show:

Synthetic Resin Roofing Tile-5.jpg

Synthetic Resin Roof Tile 4.jpg

Synthetic Resin Roof Tile 2.jpg

Synthetic resin tile.png

Synthetic resin roof tile.jpg

Synthetic Resin Roof Tile5.jpg

Our workshop:

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Synthetic Resin Roof Tile is widely used for residential house,villa, workshop, warehouse, building lighting, greenhouse, sound-insulation walls and advertising boxes etc.

The synthetic roof tile is also called as the synthetic resin royal roofing tile,ASA or PVC roofing tiles or roofing sheet also belong to its kind.It can be used on both residential and industrial.

Synthetic resin roof tile application.jpg

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