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Double Layers Composite Plastic Steel Tile 960/ Anti-aging, Anti-UV Lightweight Roofing Materials Composite Plastic Steel Tile

Material: Color Steel Plate, Color Steel Plate
Type: Eaves Tiles, Spanish roof tile
Model Number: 840. 930. 960
Color: Blue , Red White,customized
Thickness: 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm
Width: 840mm,930mm ,960mm
Surface: ASA coated
Application: waterproof, roof and wall

Detailed description

Double Layers Composite Plastic Steel Tile 960/ Anti-aging, Anti-uv Lightweight Roofing Materials Composite Plastic Steel Tile

Product description:

SANMIN composite steel tile has been improved on the basis of the traditional PVC tile both on the basis of technical and performance, surface cover ASA anti-aging resin, the scientific ratio. Made with advanced process technology. Has a characteristic of good waterproof, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, toughness, light transmission, low noise, light, beautiful, bright colors, environmental protection.


composite plastic steel tile type.jpg

 product shape of composite plastic steel tile.jpg



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Product show:

Four layers composite steel roof tile 960.jpg

Four layers composite plastic steel roof tile 960.jpg

Roofing Material composite plastic steel tile.png

Composite plastic steel tile.png

Workshop of Composite Plastic Steel Tile.png

composite plastic steel tile.jpg

1.5±0.2mm ,2.0±0.2mm, 2.5±0.2mm 3.0±0.2mm(general thickness)

Often in blue, positive side blue(red) negative side white, white red-based. (For large demand customers, colors can be customized according to the requirement, the supply of specific color products)

Color Choice:  

Top layer:Brick Red, Purplish Red, Sky Blue, Dark Grey, Dark Green, Hot Red or customized.
Bottom layer: white or customized

             color of composite plastic steel tile.jpg

composite plastic steel tile color..jpg

Construction notes:

Composite plastic steel tile method of installation.jpg
1. Firstly drill, and then hook nail tiles, aperture tahn the ditch screw 2mm
2. Fastening hook nail screw rod 2mm, fastening the hook when the tile under the pad for the special pressure plate. On the nut when the elastic to moderate, not too tight.

3. Cut with a fine tooth saw.
4. The wrong hole can be used special glue stickers.
5. Two watt lap, the vertical pressure at least 100mm, horizontal two watts.
6. Roof truss high ratio of 1:5-1:6.
7. Purlin spacing can not exceed 800mm.

Anti-UV comppsite plastic Steel tile.png


• Environment friendly and energy saving
• Color lasting
• Load bearing
• Sound absorption and excellent heat insulation
• Special long lifespan

• Excellent anti-corrosion & UV Ray
• Impact resistance and low temperature resistance
• Light weight
• Difficult to be burned

Production process:

Composite plastic steel tile production process.jpg

Product Advantage:

product advantage of composite plastic steel tile.jpg

product advantage of composite plastic tile.jpg

product advantage of composite plastic roofing steel tile.jpg

product advantage of composite plastic steel tile roofing material.jpg

Scope of use:

Plant, chemical warehouse,corrosion-resistant workshop, a variety of carport, a variety of industry trade market, building hoarding, indoor and outdoor decoration and other fields

application of composite plastic steel tile.jpg

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