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Spanish Roof Tiles Prices

Advantages:OEM,free sample,complete choice of shape&color
Features:long lifespan,excellent anti-corrosion,anti-uv,anti-impact
Product Uses:house,villa,mobile house,tourist areas,residential areas
Material:synthetic resin(ASA+PVC)
Number of Layers:double layers,four layers
Surface:glaze,pitted surface
Color:red,blue,grey,green,orange,white or customized
Length:6m or less than 6m, can be customized

Detailed description

Spanish Roof Tiles Prices

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Aplication of Spanish Roof Tiles Prices

Lightweight Tile Roofing Material Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles is a new type of roofing material. It is using the ASA engineering resin as the surface material, double layer co-extrusion with PVC resin, suitable for ourdoor application. 

It is widely used for flat-to sloping roof conversion, villas, shopping malls, residential areas, new rural resident construction, awning, concrete structures, steel structures, wood structures, brick structures and other hybrid structure slop roof and so on.

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Product Description of Spanish Roof Tiles Prices

1.High Weatherability and Enduring Colorfulness

2.Good Sound Insulation Effect

3.Good Thermal Insulation Effect

4.Low Temperature Endurance and Resistance Against Lashes

5.Excellent Anticorrosive Property

6.Outstanding Waterproof Property

7.Fire Resistance:Self extinguish off fire

8.Easy installation and self-cleaning


Parameters of Spanish Roof Tiles Prices    

Main Tile

Width: 880mm±10mm

Thickness: 3.0mm±0.2mm

Length: according to the requirements

Weight: 6.0±0.2kg/square meter

Color: various



2.3, 2.5, 3.0mm(±0.2mm)

Overall Width


Efficient Width


Wave Spacing


Wave Height


Wave Pitch



glaze,pitted surface

Purlin distance



6m or less than 6m, can be customized but should be multiple of 250mm (wave pitch)


purplish red, bright red, brick red, sky blue, grey, dark green, white, golden, or customized

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Features of Spanish Roof Tiles Prices

* Light in weight and stable in volume.

* Elegant in style and bright in color.

* Good noise reduction and sound insulation.

* Good heat preservation and thermal insulation.

* High impact strength and shock resistance.

* Good insulation and fire resistance.

* Good waterproof and self-cleaning property.

* Good weather resistance and anti-corrosion property.

Excellent Corrosion-resistant Performace

Anti Fading ,10years color change less than 5

Fire Resistance is better than B1 class

Excellent Heat Insulation ,the heat conductivity is 0.325W/m*k,

    which is 1/310 of clay tile,1/5 of cement tile,1/2000 of the color  steel tile

Excellent Waterproof

*  it has the good performance in Sound Insulation,Electric Insualtion Property,

  Contamination Resistance,good pressure prevention and low temperature resistance.

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