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China Glass Wool Price List

China Glass Wool Price List

Advantages:OEM and ODM,manufacturer,free sample Why us: good quality,factory price,quick response Features:heat insulation,sound absorption,fireproof Product Uses:industrial workshops,prefab houses,warehouses Material:Fiber Glass Two types: with aluminum or not Thickness: 25-150mm Package:vacuum packed by a plastic bag,outside packing with a woven bag Grade of Incombustible Materials:A1

Detailed description

China glass wool price list

Product introduction of China glass wool price list

Fiber glass wool building material is a silk-like material made by fiberization in the TEL process and spraying ofthermosetting resin. By further deep processing of thermal setting, this material can be made into series of multi-purpose fuerda products. It features numerous advantages : it is non-combustible, nontoxic, and resistant

to corrosion; it has low moisture rate and good hydrophobicity.

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Feature of China glass wool price list

1) Heat insulation and heat preservation, sound adsorption and noise reduction

2) Low slag indusion content, thin and long inner fiber

3) Thermal stability, stable and high efficiency for a long time

4) High temperature heat-stability, durability, high temperature shrinkage resistance

5) Damp proof property, with the hydrophobicity are not less than 98%

6) Excellent fire proof performance, European standard non-flammable class A material

7) Non-poison, not contain rock wool and doesn't grow the mould etc.

Application of China glass wool price list

Glass wool products are manufactured with quartz sand, feldspar, sodium sillcate and boricacid as main ingredients. The ingredients are melted under high temperature and made into fibers thinner than 6 μm which are then made into products of different shapes and sizes under high temperature.

1. It manintains the heat and water insulating and preseving function and has very good shock reducing and sound absorbing property.

2. Glass wool felt with aluminum facing has strong capacity to resist heat radiation and is an excellent material for high temperature workshops, control rooms, inner wall and so on.

3. It is mainly used in the shock absorbing, sound deafening or noise reduction in building interinors.

4. Deadening treatment of recreational places, cinema, theater TVstation, broadcast station, laboratory, etc.

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Production Process of China glass wool price list

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Specification of China glass wool price listCentrifugal Glass Wool





Density( kg/m3)






Felt in roll










PACKAGING of China glass wool price list

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TEST REPORTS of China glass wool price list

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 Our Workshop of China glass wool price list

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