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Glass wool mat manufacturers

Glass wool mat manufacturers

Advantages:OEM and ODM,manufacturer,free sample
Why us: good quality,factory price,quick response
Features:heat insulation,sound absorption,fireproof
Product Uses:industrial workshops,prefab houses,warehouses
Material:Fiber Glass
Two types: with aluminum or not
Thickness: 25-150mm
Package:vacuum packed by a plastic bag,outside packing with a woven bag
Grade of Incombustible Materials:A1

Detailed description

Glass wool mat manufacturers

Professional Supplier Soundproof Glass wool mat manufacturers With Aluminium Foil

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Description of Glass wool mat manufacturers

Fiber glass wool:

1.    Raw materials and production process

The glass wool product is placed in the glass of the meltdown appearance proceed the fiber turn and spray the resin of solid that draw the hot silk wadding from material, then turn through hot solid the deep processing handless and can also make into the series and various products.

2.     Main specification( can be made to order)

Glass wool board:

Density: 24-96kg/m3

Specification: length: 1200-2200mm  width: 600-1200mm  thickness: 20-100mm

Glass wool blanket(felt in roll)

Density: 12,16,20,24,32,40,48kg/m3

Specification: length: 11000,20000mm  width: 1200mm  thickness: 25-150mm

Glass wool pipe:

Density: 45-90kg/m3

Specification: length: 1000mm  diameter: 15-400mm  thickness: 20-100mm

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Distinctive Advantages of Glass wool mat manufacturers

 1.  Adopting all-directional paste form, which is firmer. 

 2.  Soft and long glass fibers can maximally lessen flying catkins in the construction.

 3.  Sound absorption and noise reduction; it can effectively prevent sound from spreading.

 4.   Easy for construction; cutting at will.

 5.  Antisepsis, ageing resistance, and anticorrosion, ensuring a healthy environment.

 6.  Strong moisture resistance can effectively prevent steam from permeating

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PACKAGING of Glass wool mat manufacturers

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TEST REPORTS of Glass wool mat manufacturers

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What we can do 

The Kinds of Glass Wool Insulation/Aluminum foil glass wool blanket

plain glass wool blanket 

glass wool blanket with Aluminum foil -clad

glass wool board

glass wool batts

 Our Workshop of Glass wool mat manufacturers

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Application Field of Glass wool mat manufacturers

Glasswool is widely used for heat insulation and sound absorption in industrial workshops,  Prefab houses, Portable cabins, warehouses, public facilities, exhibition centers, shopping malls, and a variety of 

indoor playgrounds, sports stadiums and etc.

soundproof and fireproof  used for wall and roof  of house  

Heat preservation for steel structure building  

Heat Insulation for wall and roof of house to save energy

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Our services

  • 24hrs hot-line available

  • Free advice on construction and design of the insulation furnace

  • Free samples and catalogue can be offered at customer's request

  • Any technical problems after purchasing will be kindly settled on our best in 2 working days

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