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Kerala House Roofing Tile

Kerala House Roofing Tile

Advantages:OEM,free sample,complete choice of shape&color
Features:long lifespan,excellent anti-corrosion,anti-uv,anti-impact
Product Uses:house,villa,mobile house,tourist areas,residential areas
Material:synthetic resin(ASA+PVC)
Number of Layers:double layers,four layers
Surface:glaze,pitted surface
Color:red,blue,grey,green,orange,white or customized
Length:6m or less than 6m, can be customized

Detailed description

kerala house roofing tile

Product Description of kerala house roofing tile

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Accessories of kerala house roofing tile

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Features of kerala house roofing tile/Plastic Pvc Roofing Tiles/Lightweight Spanish Roof Tiles

1. Super strong weather fastness and long service life

The surface material select weather fastness ASA resin, which can keep the stability of color and physical performance even though long-term exposure to ultraviolet ray, hot, cold and rainy. The overlong service life eliminates the waste and cost of secondary construction. By the national authoritative organization detect (Beijing chemical building materials test center), artificial aging test 12000 hours, Δ Ε = 4.6, equivalent to can use over 38 years under natural environment.

2. Super strong impact resistance, well low temperature resistant effect

The adoption of HTRE composite technology make the nanometer high strength glass fiber composite layer of product can exert strong impact resistance, 4 kg of steel ball free fall at the height of 3m, there are no any crack produced on the surface of the tile, the shock resistance is more than 3 times as the same thickness of synthetic resin tile, the hail with in middle to lower strength can hardly damage to the product.( Note: the thickness of the product are more than 25 mm; Except for severe weather). The product easily pass the low temperature drop hammer experiment and with10 freeze-thaw cycles, the product has no empty drum, foaming, stripping and crack phenomenon.

3.Excellent anti-loading performance

Synthetic tile has good load resistance, increase the weight of 150 kg in the case of support between 660 mm; Tile surface of tile no cracks and no signs of damage.


The clean engineering of Urban roof is time-consuming, strenuosity and high risk. The surface of resin tile is smooth and compact, which is not easy to absorb dust and with lotus leaves effect. The tile is clean as new after the rain washed, which will not appear stains after fouling by rain wash. Keep the insulation to save energy.

5.Thermal insulation and energy saving

Regardless of the cold winter or hot summer, synthetic resin tile can reduce the bad climate impact outside of the roof, two-way equilibrium temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer and saving energy.

6. Color lasting

The product can be ensured not fade 10 years, if need to change color to match new plan, no need to change, only need to spray color.

7. Excellent decay resistance

Synthetic resin tile with high weatherability resin and the main body of resin have good corrosion resistance, the performance will not slow owing to the erosion of snow and rain, which can long time to defense the erosion of acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances, therefore this product are suitable for salt fog corrosion serious areas and high air pollution areas.

8. Environment protecting

The products are no radiation, no volatile substances after inspected; Production, low-energy during production and installation period, no pollutant emissions; which can be completely recycled use after service life end. Even the harshest environmental requirements of Europe, synthetic resin tile can transcend as well

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