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Low Price Glass Wool

Low Price Glass Wool

Advantages:OEM and ODM,professional manufacturer,free sample
Why us: good quality,factory price,quick response
Features:heat insulation,sound absorption,fireproof
Product Uses:industrial workshops,prefab houses,warehouses
Material:Fiber Glass
Two types: with aluminum or not
Thickness: 25-150mm
Package:vacuum packed by a plastic bag,outside packing with a woven bag
Grade of Incombustible Materials:A1

Detailed description

Low price glass wool

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Details of Low price glass wool

The glass wool is a silk-like material made by fiberizing melted glass and then coating with thermosetting resin through centrifugal blowing process. By means of thermal setting,

this material can be further process into series of products for multi-purpose uses,

such as glass wool board, blanket, fiber glass air-conditioning duct and so on

We produce the glass wool in various densities and thicknesses for different application,

while use it for acoustic insulation, like Multiplex, Theatre, Studio and Other sound Spaces,

we suggest the specification as below:

* 16kg/m3 to 32kg/m3 Rolls

* 40kg/m3 to 64kg/m3 Boards

* Ceiling Tiles - 100kg/m3 Boards/Tiles

Make Excellent Sound Absoprtion! 

Features of Low price glass wool

glass wool acoustic insulation blanket.jpg

a) : fire-resistance

It belongs to upmost fire resistance grade, Class A. It totally meet fire proofing requirement of national standard. It can guarantee the safety of building. 

b): heat perversion property

Glass fiber, whose even fiber distribution and reedy fiber lead to lower coefficient of heat conductivity, can ensure its excellent heat-insulating property and long-term heat-preservation.

c): Environmental protection property

Glass wool, which is made from achromatism plate glass and quartz sand, is inorganic heat preservation material. It is a kind of green building material. What’s more, the scrap can be recycled and be reused. It can meet requirement of environmental protection.

d): acoustical property

The inside of glass wool is multiaperture, which enhance its absorption quality greatly and thus increase the comfort level of indoor environment.

e): structure quack-proof 

 Reedy fiber of glass wool lead to better performance in strength in structure, stretching resistance, anti-quack. NO phenomenon of drooping, scatter, collapse emerges in installation and long-term usage.

f): chemical property

Glass wool, with fine property in stable size, can withstand high temperature, thunder, rain, sun shining, acid and alkali and other human and natural factors

g):ventilation property

 Glass wool, with multiaperture structure and special prescription, make its better performance in ventilation property. It contribute to moisture diffusion indoor and wall and greatly decrease the possibility of leaf mold growth. Thus it can help to increase service life of building and indoor comfort level.

h): Hydrophobicity 

 Hydrophobicity glass wool in panel wall bears 99% Hydrophobicity rate. It can easily get dry naturally, which ensure its long-term heat preservation perporty.

i): Light in weight

 Glass wool bears good heat preservation and soundproofing property. It’s low density product can meet energy saving requirement. Thus it helps to decrease the weight of building and makes the construction more expedite.

k): construction and installation property

Glass wool, with slender fiber and no dregs, can avoid the scuffing or pruritus irritation.

Specification of Low price glass wool

insulation glass wool sheet.jpg

fiber glasswool insulation.jpg 

 Workshop and Warehouse of Glass wool insulation batt

fiberglass wool slab.jpg

The Usage of Glass Wool/Glass wool insulation batt

Widely used for heat insulation and sound absorption industrial workshops, warehouse, public facilities, exhibition centers, shopping malls, and a variety of indoor playgrouns, sports stadiums and etc.

fiberglass wool slab.jpg

fireproof glass wool insulation.jpg

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