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Plastic Roof Tiles For Mobile Homes

Product name: Single Layer PVC Roof Sheet with ASA Type 860 Material:improved on the basis of the traditional PVC tile,ASA resin material Characteristic:corrosion resistance,good waterproof,weather resistance,toughness,low noise, bright colors,environmental protection

Detailed description

Plastic Roof Tiles for Mobile Homes


Product description of Single Layer PVC Roof  Sheet with ASA Type 840:


SANMIN PVC Roof  Sheet with ASA has been improved on the basis of the traditional PVC tile both on the basis of technical and performance, surface cover ASA anti-aging resion, the scientific ratio. Made with advanced process technology. Has a characteristic of good waterproof, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, toughness, light transmission, low noise, light, beautiful, bright colors, environmental protection.

Specifications of Plastic Roof Tiles for Mobile Homes:

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Item number

Single Layer PVC Roof Sheet Type 840


Raw PVC material


Efficient Width:840mm,Overall Width:900mm


1.5±0.2mm ,2.0±0.2mm, 2.5±0.2mm 3.0±0.2mm


Customized, max 5800mm for 20'GP, max 11800mm for 40'GP

Wave Profile


Popular Color

Brick red, purplish red, sky blue, dark green, hot red or Customized.


1 layer


Factory building,Warehouse,Farm's market,Market access,Residential building,Mobile room/
Flat-to-sloping roof conversion/Weather sheds/ Sun sheds/Car parks
Very suitable for corrosive chemical fatories. Such as ceramic fatory,soy sause fatory,printing

and dyeing factory,organic solvent fatory and so on 


Environment friendly and energy saving

Load bearing

Sound absorption and heat insulation

Stable volume

Corrosion resistance

Good water resistance

Impact resistance and low temperature resistance

Light weight

Difficult to be burned


PE bag or pallet


4000 Square meters

Payment Terms

T/T, L/C, Western Union

Product Show:

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Our Workshop:

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SANMIN corrugated plastic roofing is best installed on industrial building, agricultural building, factory, warehouse, mobile home, manufactured home construction, steel structure, shopping mall.

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PVC tile installation should choose appropriate purlin spacing to prevent deformation cracking.
Water leakage ,specific reference to the following:
•The thickness of the pvc roof tiles is≤1.3mm to use the purling space≤600mm.
the circular arch roof to use for the purling space≤700mm.the thickness between
1.3mm to 1.8mm of the tiles need to use for purling space ≤700mm.
the arched back roof to be ≤800mm.the thickness 1.8mm to 3mm of roof sheet to
use for the purling space as ≤800mm and circular arch style to use purling space≤900mm
•The installation of the corrugated pvc roof sheet have to cover two pitch of the sheet area on

 the width and the trapezium pvc roof sheet to cover one pitch on the width and to cover >250mm
 on the length.
•If use tapping screw that need to drill a hole with ratio 2-3mm first.


Main Products:


spanish roof tile panels
lightweight plastic roof tiles

metal roofing tile panels
galvanized sheet metals

c section steel

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1.Are you OEM?

Yes, we are the manufacturer.

2.What's the advantage of pvc roof tile, comparing with the roof of Zinc, aluminum, steel and iron ?

Excellent Corrosion resistance / Rust proof and stainless / Heat insulation / Light weight / Strong toughness / Fire retardant.

3.Do you have the accessories?

YES, we can provide various accessories.

4.What are the differences between Upvc, Apvc & ASApvc?

The quality guarantees are different. Upvc is 10 years / Apvc is 15 years / ASApvc is 25 years.

5.Is PVC roof tile suit for extreme climate?

Of course it is.Heat resistant value is 0.5(which is 3 times of steel).When cold, it can keep warm about 4-6°C compared with outside.

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