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PVC Plastic Sheet Suppliers

PVC Plastic Sheet Suppliers

Advantages:OEM,free sample,complete choice of shape&color
Features:Fire retardant,Low noise,Beauty,weather resistant,Environment protection
Material:PVC,(ASA coated or NOT)
Color:White, Blue, Green,Grey, Iron Red or customized
Color lasting:10 years
Application:chemical warehouse,corrosion resistant workshop,greenhouse
Thickness: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm(±0.2mm)
Number of Layers: Single Layer and Double Layers

Detailed description

PVC Plastic Sheet Suppliers

Introduction of  PVC Plastic Sheet Suppliers:

PVC roof sheet is polyninyl chloride resin (referred to as PVC) as the main raw material.

Surface material is anticorrosive and weather resistance modified PVC,adding CPVC,UV,Antioxidants ,etc.

Underlying material is adopting coextrusion technology with increasing rigidity and heat insulation of PVC modified material.

Specification of PVC Plastic Sheet Suppliers:

Item number

3 Layers UPVC Roof Sheet with ASA Type 860


PVC,UPVC,APVC, surface material:ASA Coated, color stable


Efficient Width:860mm,Overall Width:960mm


1.5±0.2mm ,2.0±0.2mm, 2.5±0.2mm 3.0±0.2mm(general thickness)


Customized, max 5800mm for 20'GP, max 11800mm for 40'GP



A: antiageing layer

B: PVC, white color

C: Fiber layer, More good heat insulation

Wave Profile

Round wave, Wave Spacing: 63mm


Available in all standard and custom colors, such as Popular color: White, Blue, Green, Red,

Grey, Terra-Cotta or Customized.

Life span

50 years

Color lasting10years(ASA coated)


PE bag or pallet accroding length


4000 Square meters

Payment Terms

T/T, L/C, Western Union

Picture Show of PVC Plastic Sheet Suppliers

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Packing&Shpping of PVC Plastic Sheet Suppliers

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Details features of PVC Plastic Sheet Suppliers

1,Fire retardant: it is a kind of non-flammable materials with oxygen index OI of≥32

2,Anti-corrosion: it resist chemical corrosion and its life span is over 3 times longer than zinc panels.

3,Impact capacity: resist impact, tensile and hardly breakable.
,Weather resistant:The UV agent mixing in the sheets can truly resist the damage of ultraviolet ray. Its life span is especially long.
,Low noise:When it rains, the noise is more than 30dB lower than the metal roofing.
,Beauty: It has rich and bright colors.
,Environment protection : It does not contain asbestos with no carcinogen released.

Application of PVC Plastic Sheet Suppliers

Due to above advantages, our PVC corrugated roof sheet offers a great material to construct the roofing system for chemical factories, warehouses, steel structure buildings, farmers markets, car sheds, balconies, and so on. They are also widely used in the flat-to-pitched roof renovation projects. This series of corrugated PVC sheet can also be utilized as wall panel for use in projects with thermal insulating requirements.

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Our Factory Show

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