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Roof Plastic Tile

Roof Plastic Tile

Product Name: 3 Layers UPVC Roof Sheet with ASA Type 860 Regular Thickness: 2.0mm, 2.5mm,3.0mm Feature: Weather-proof,Fire retardant,Corrosion resistance,Sound insulation,Heat insulation Color lasting: 10years(ASA coated),Life span:50 years

Detailed description

Roof Plastic Tile

Description of Roof Plastic Tile

Anti corrosion PVC corrugated roofing sheet
1) Fire retardant
2) Weather resistance
3) Anti-corrosive


Specification of 3 Layers PVC Corrugated sheet with ASA:

Item number

3 Layers UPVC Roof Sheet with ASA Type 860


PVC,UPVC,APVC, surface material:ASA Coated, color stable


Efficient Width:860mm,Overall Width:960mm


1.5±0.2mm ,2.0±0.2mm, 2.5±0.2mm 3.0±0.2mm(general thickness)


Customized, max 5800mm for 20'GP, max 11800mm for 40'GP



A: antiageing layer

B: PVC, white color

C: Fiber layer, More good heat insulation

Wave Profile

Round wave, Wave Spacing: 63mm


Available in all standard and custom colors, such as Popular color: White, Blue, Green, Red,

Grey, Terra-Cotta or Customized.

Life span

50 years

Color lasting10years(ASA coated)


PE bag or pallet accroding length


4000 Square meters

Payment Terms

T/T, L/C, Western Union

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Pictures of Roof Plastic Tile

1.High Class& Heat insulation
2.Corrosion Resistance
3.Lasting colour& Life long
4.Sound insulation
5.Excellent water proof

Product Show of Roof Plastic Tile

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Application of Corrugated Plastic Roofing Sheets

SANMIN Anti-corrosion APVC roof sheet is regularly applied in the roofing construction projects for high-grade plants,steel factories,warehouses,workshops, farm market,market access,sheds especially in corrosive chemical plants,smelters,ceramic plants,soy sauce factory,printing and dyeing plant, acid,alkali corrosive plant and etc

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Our Factory Show

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spanish tiles for roof

plastic sheet roll lowes

corrugated sheet for roofing

galvanised iron strips

c section mild steel

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Company Profile

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Our Expo

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1.Is  apvc  Roofing sheet warranted?

  the professional roofing sheet manufacturer, Apvc Roofing sheet provide 10~30 years warranty

  depends on different kinds of products.

 2. What kind of structure frame can support the plastic roof tile?

  APVC Roofing sheet can be install in the wooden structure and steel structure frame.

 3. Does APVC Roofing sheet test via international testing company?

  All apvc products have already tested from famous international testing company-SGS to make

  sure the high quality products.

 4. Can you meet the large order in fast delivery time?

  As we are the one of large manufacturer of plastic roofing sheet, we have 11 production can output 

  26000 m2 per day. So we can meet the large order make the very fast delivery time. 

 5. How may days to install 1000m2 ?

  As APVC Roofing sheet is big size and can be install easily, usually 4 people can install 600 m2 per 

  day. It take 2 days to install 1000m2.

 6. Which countries is the most popular for APVC Roofing Sheet?
  As Apvc Roofing Sheet have good heat insulation, excellent anti-corrosion, long life time, so it is 

hot sale in Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kenya, Africa and Latin American counties etc..

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