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Synthetic Terracotta Roof Tile

Synthetic Terracotta Roof Tile

Advantages:OEM,free sample,complete choice of shape&color
Features:long lifespan,excellent anti-corrosion,anti-uv,anti-impact
Product Uses:house,villa,mobile house,tourist areas,residential areas
Material:synthetic resin(ASA+PVC)
Number of Layers:double layers,four layers
Surface:glaze,pitted surface
Color:red,blue,grey,green,orange,white or customized
Length:6m or less than 6m, can be customized

Detailed description

Synthetic terracotta roof tile

Product Overviews of asa synthetic resin roof tile/ASA Coated Thermal Insulation Synthetic Terracotta Roof Tile for Sale

Raw materials: 

1.Surface material:adopt high weatherability engineering resin ASA.

2.Intermediate material:adopt the toughness of modified PVC resin shading.

3.The underlying material:use white toughness and wear resistant material,

to increase the plant space photographic brightness and wear resistance.

Technology: using the most advanced multi-layer coextrusion technology compounded a processing.

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Specification of Synthetic Terracotta Roof Tile

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Product Show of ASA Coated Thermal Insulation Synthetic Terracotta Roof Tile

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Main Points of Installation of ASA Coated Thermal Insulation Synthetic Terracotta Roof Tile for Sale

1.Choosing square tube(60mm*40mm*3mm) or C shape steel (100mm*50mm*20mm*3mm) or rot proof wood(60mm*40mm) to be purline

2.Arraying the purlines upwards with the gap of 660mm.

3.Installing the main ridge tile backwards to the wind direction.Connecting up the roof tile wave from both sides at the same time.

4.Cut off part of the first ridge tile before instaling the main ridge tile.

5.Sawing the connection area of the main ridge tile and oblique ridge ile neatly .Installing the main ridge tile and oblique ridge tile before installing the three-way ridge tile.

6.Fastener is special accessory .Drilling a hole whose diameter is 2mm lager than the screw pole by electric drill before installing.Self-tapping screws with 6mm diameter is recommended.

Application of ASA Coated Thermal Insulation Synthetic Terracotta Roof Tile for Sale

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Features of Synthetic Terracotta Roof Tile

Excellent Corrosion-resistant Performance

The synthetic resin tile has excellent corrosion-resistant performance,can long-term resistant to the erosion of acid,alkali,salt and other chemical substances.The test proved that synthetic tile remains the same shape and color after 24hours immersion in all kingds of acidic,alkahi and salt .

Anti Fading 

The synthetic resin tile is made of imported ultra-high weather resistant engineering resin,In the natural environment it has extraordinary durability and can still remain its color stability even if long term exposure to harsh condtitons od UV,moisture,heat and cold.Accoeding to use result from outdoot area in Arizona and Florida state ,America,shows that 10years color change E<5 is for sure

Excellent Waterproof

It is nor permeable to water because the ASA synthetic resin roof tile is made from excellent weatherablity resin which is high density and non-absorbency .The ASA synthetic resin roof tile has better performance on waterproof than the traditional tile because its big size if singel sheet and less joints of roof covering . 

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