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Synthetic Tile Roofing

Synthetic Tile Roofing

Advantages:OEM,free sample,complete choice of shape&color
Features:long lifespan,excellent anti-corrosion,anti-uv,anti-impact
Product Uses:house,villa,mobile house,tourist areas,residential areas
Material:synthetic resin(ASA+PVC)
Number of Layers:double layers,four layers
Surface:glaze,pitted surface
Color:red,blue,grey,green,orange,white or customized
Length:6m or less than 6m, can be customized

Detailed description

Synthetic tile roofing

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Product features of Synthetic tile roofing

Long-lasting Color (at least 10 years);

Superior anti-Corrosion;

Environment protection , energy saving;


Self cleaning;

Impact resistance and low temperature resistance.

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Installation of Synthetic tile roofing

 a.  Purlin can be square tube (60x40x3mm)or C steel (100x50xx20x3mm) or anti-corrosion wood (60x40mm).

 b.  The space between purlins is 660mm and the purlin are arranged from bottom to top.

 c.  Refer to the local wind direction, and install the main roof tiles in the reverse wind direction, overlap one wave, and do it on both sides at the same time.

 d. Installation of main ridge: Cut  a part of the first main ridge before installing.

e. The lap-joint places between the main ridge and  diagonal ridge should be sawed to be smooth, after finishing installation of main ridge and diagonal ridge, and then to install three-way ridge.

 f. When fixing, drill a hole first by electric drill, the aperture is 2mm bigger than hook screws. It is recommended to choose 6.3mm self-tapping screws and our special waterproof accessories. 

Synthetic tile roofing/Synthetic Resin Tile Application:

All buildings roofing material ,commercial building roof roofing, houses, villas, pavilion, garage, temporary shop, architectural decoration newsstand, railway station, bus station, mobile house, temporary stadium,sports building, swimming pool, indoor stadium…

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Our factory has rich experience in plastic roof tile product manufacture and we are a professional supplier of 

PVC Corrugated roofing sheet

FRP transparent roofing sheet

Glass Wool Rolls

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