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Thermal Insulation Glass Wool Maufacturers

Thermal Insulation Glass Wool Maufacturers

Advantages:OEM and ODM,manufacturer,free sample Why us: good quality,factory price,quick response Features:heat insulation,sound absorption,fireproof Product Uses:industrial workshops,prefab houses,warehouses Material:Fiber Glass Two types: with aluminum or not Thickness: 25-150mm Package:vacuum packed by a plastic bag,outside packing with a woven bag Grade of Incombustible Materials:A1

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Thermal insulation glass wool maufacturers

Introduction of Thermal insulation glass wool maufacturers

Our company specialize in production and sales: centrifugal glass wool board, high-density air-conditioning glass wool board, glass wool roll, glass wool felt, single-sided aluminum foil glass wool felt, and other thermal insulation materials.

Centrifugal glass wool is a filament-like material made of a fiber-sprayed thermosetting resin by a centrifugal blowing process of a glass in a molten state, and then subjected to heat curing deep processing to produce a series of products having various uses. The inner fiber of the centrifugal glass wool is fluffy and interlaced, and there are a lot of tiny pores. It is a typical porous sound absorbing material and has good sound absorption characteristics. Centrifugal glass wool can be made into wallboard, ceiling, space sound absorber, etc. It can absorb the sound energy in the room in a large amount, reduce the reverberation time and reduce the indoor noise.

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Specification of Thermal insulation glass wool maufacturers


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Characteristics of Thermal insulation glass wool maufacturers

The sound absorption characteristics of centrifugal glass wool are not only related to thickness and bulk density, but also related to factors such as cover material and structural structure. In the construction application, it is also necessary to take into consideration various aspects such as cost, beauty, fire prevention, moisture resistance, dust, and aging resistance.

Random cutting,Antibacterial, anti-mild, anti-aging, anti-corrosion to ensure a healthy environment.

Characteristics and structure of glass wool

  • It can be freely cut and molded at will.

  • Stable physical properties

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PACKAGING of Thermal insulation glass wool maufacturers

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TEST REPORTS of Thermal insulation glass wool maufacturers

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 Our Workshop of Thermal insulation glass wool maufacturers

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Application Field of Thermal insulation glass wool maufacturers

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“There is no best, only better”, we will continue to use the attitude of honesty and innovation, adhere to the needs of customers, continue to forge ahead, rely on scientific and technological progress, continuously improve product quality, with better products and better products. Service, try our best to achieve customer satisfaction is the biggest. Sincerely hope to cooperate with friends who are committed to energy-saving insulation business, and make new contributions to the energy-saving insulation business!

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