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Waterproof Roof Tile

Waterproof Roof Tile

Advantages:Factory price,competitive,OEM,free sample,wholesale
Features:long lifespan,excellent anti-corrosion,anti-uv,anti-impact
Product Uses:house,villa,mobile house,tourist areas,residential areas
Material:synthetic resin(ASA+PVC)
Number of Layers:double layers,four layers
Surface:glaze,pitted surface
Color:red,blue,grey,green,orange,white or customized
Length:6m or less than 6m, can be customized

Detailed description

Waterproof roof tile

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Mix Color Excellent Load-Carrying Ability PVC Waterproof Roof Tile

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Synthetic resin roof tiles, coated with ASA resin, is a special 2-layer co-extruded roof tile. Adopts the most advanced co-extrusion technology for one-step compositing.Roof tile remains stable in color and physical properties under ultra-violet radiation, dampness, heat, chillness and impact.

ASA is a ternary polymer which is composed by Acrylonitile, Styrene and Acrylate. It belongs to shock-resistance modified SAN resin.with outstanding durability, UV resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, which ensures the bright color and luster and superb durability and chemical corrosion resistance of the product; the sublayer material is the extremely tough polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC), which ensures strength while increasing rigidity.

Product Display of Waterproof Roof Tile

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Product TypeASA Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet
ShapeSynthetic Resin Roof Sheet
ColorBrick Red,Purplish Red,Dark Green,Blue,Grey
Product Hight30mm
LengthCan Be Customized
Thickness2.5mm   2.8mm    3.0mm
Application Villa,Loft,Gallery,Gazebo,Flat-to-sloping Renovation

Product Features of Waterproof Roof Tile

1. Decorative ability, bring the roof fantastic wavy look and multi-dimensional effect.

2. Good load-carrying ability and anti-impact resistance 

3. Excellent corrosion resistance  

4. Excellent heat insulation 

5. Good fireproofing performance

6. excellent waterproof performance , no water absorb and seep.

7. Green and environment friendly 

8. Easy to install 

9. Self-cleaning performance

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Application of Waterproof Roof Tile

flat-to-sloping roof conversion; villa roofing; mobile home; garden pavilion roofing

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Product process of Waterproof Roof Tile

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