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Cheap Chinese Roofing Sheet/Synthetic Resin Roofing Sheet

Cheap Chinese Roofing Sheet/Synthetic Resin Roofing Sheet

Description of Synthetic Resin Roofing Sheet:

1.The main material ASA is acquired from SABIC, one of the Global 500 companies;
2. It's adopted by the most advanced 2 or 3 layer co-extrusion technology for one-time processing;.
3.There Spanish Roof Tiles can withstand strong winds and earthquakes;
4. It’s very suitable for house, villa, tours resort, various types of permanent architectural roof decoration
 and "flat to slope" Project.

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Product features of Synthetic Resin Roofing Sheet:

Long-lasting Color (at least 10 years)
The product features ultra durability in natural environment.Even under tough conditions of exposure to UV,high temperature and freezing coldness,it still keeps stable color.
Excllent Anti-corrosion performance
Synthetic Resin Tile can resist longterm acid ,alkali and salt corrosion ,etc.Tests have proved that there would be no chemical reaction after soaking in salt and alikali and various acid under 60% .It is ideal for application in areas where acid rain is common.
Good Waterproofing Performance
Synthetic Resin Tile selects highly weater-resistant resin,which is dense and absorbing no water,with no pore penetration problem.The product is 45% wider than traditional tiles with less roof contact,so synthetic resin,s waterproof performance has greatly increased than traditional tiles.
Strong Fire Resistance
Belonging flame retardant material,with fire resistance ≥ B1 as tested by national authoritative departments according to GBB8624-2006 standard.
Excellent Heat Insulating Property
The heat conductivity coefficient is 0.325w/m.k,about 1/300 of clay tile ,1/50 of cement tile,and 1/2000 of thick color steel tile.Therefore without condidering ading heat-preserving layer ,the heat insulation and heat preservation of synthetic resin tile can still be optimized.
Good sound insulation
Tests have proved that synthetic resin tiles have excellent noise absorption function when suffered heavy rains and strong winds.


Main Application
Flat-to-sloping roof conversion
Villa roofing
Mobile home
Garden pavilion roofing
Farmhouse roofing


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