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Chinese Wholesale Plastic Synthetic ASA Resin Roofing Tiles

Chinese Wholesale Plastic Synthetic ASA Resin Roofing Tiles

Synthetic Resin Roof Tile Introduction :
Synthetic Resin Roof Tile is an excellent waterproof and new multifunctional building material which has been widely used in different country .
It has a high level of sound absorption and heat insulation .
Synthetic Resin Roof Tile is also light-weight for easy installation , maintance and use .
In extreme weather and different climates,it is more reliable and durable than other traditional roofing material .




Ibrick supply different color asa pvc coating synthetic resin roofing tile 

ASA+PVC+pcc Coating Synthetic Resin Roofing Tile Advantages:

1.Save cost for yout investment ,using life more than 30years 
2. Excellent anti-load performance
3. Lightweight easy transportation 
4. Excellent waterproofing performance ,water resistance when heavy rains and the rainy season

5. Fire resistance,not spontaneous combustion and insulation 

6. Anti corrosion: resistance to acid and alkali

7. Impact resistance and low temperature resistance
8. Good sound and heat insulation
9. Small thermal expansivity
10. Environmental protection and energy conservation
11. Easy to install and packing container and car

12. Lasting color more than 20 years

13. Green environment-friendly 


Good color synthetic resin roof tiles