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Four layers composite steel tile 930

Four layers composite steel tile 930


The four layers composite steel tile 930 not only retains the advantages of the original PVC tile but also adapt more advanced technology and scientific formula to make its impact resistance,anti-aging properties and color breakthrough improve a lot.This composite steel tile adapts composite co-extrusion technology so that it is prized for the best sound proof, most smooth surface,strong molecular structure,not aging, and with superior weathering properties.It can also be called as four-layer composite steel tile,color glazed metal roof tile,color metal composite steel tile,color galvanized corrugated roofing tile and so forth.


塑钢瓦840 双层.png

塑钢瓦840 四层.png

塑钢瓦860 单层.png

塑钢瓦860 双层.png

塑钢瓦860 四层.png

塑钢瓦960 单层.png

塑钢瓦960 双层.png

塑钢瓦960 四层.png



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