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hot-dipped galvanized steel strips for ppgi and C/Z channel

Hot-dipped galvanized steel strips for ppgi and C/Z channel

Steel strip of our company including the hr strip and gi strip. We often use our own strip to produce the c/z purlin for our construction.

steel grade



3)Q195 Q215 Q235 Q314 
4)regular spangle 
5)zinc coating mass:z80g-z300g

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regs our company steel strip, there are including the hr steel strip( hot-rolled strip), these steel strip with the grey surface and not well good and bright surface. they are mainly used for buidling structral, such as do the c/z prulines. the bridge, there are some oxidation, but the ductility,there are less toughness. there are also the cold rolled steel strip, according to their processing temperater.the cold rolled steel strip usually for the thinner plate then hot rolled steel strip, they have good surface and not oxidation, good bright surface, very skinpass, with good ductility is ok.


there are also the another steel strip, it is the gi strip, the galvnaized steel strip.



Cold-rolled steel plate by a certain degree of work hardening, low toughness, but can achieve a good yield ratio, used to cold-formedspring and other parts of the yield point closer to the tensile strength, so the process of using dangerouspredictability in the load exceed the allowable load susceptible to accidents. 1) the cold plate cold rolling machining surface oxide scale, good quality. 

Hot-rolled steel plateheat ligation work surface oxide, thickness under the poor. 2) hot-rolled steel toughness and surface smoothness, lower prices, the stretchof cold-rolled plate, with toughness, but more expensive. 3) rolling into cold-rolled and hot rolled steel, the recrystallization temperature ofthe differentiator. 4) Cold Rolled: cold-rolled is generally used to produce strip, rolling speed higher. 

Hot-rolled steel

 the temperature of the hot rolling temperature and the forging of close. 5) plating of hot rolling steel plate surface into a dark brown, not plating the surface of cold rolled sheet is gray after plating to distinguish from the smooth surface of the smooth cold rolling plate above the hot rolling steel plate.


Usually the gi strip is for the hot-rolled zinc coated steel strip., of course, in advance, because the hot rolled steel strip surface is not well, so if we do zinc coating on the surface, we have to adjust the hot rolled steel strip for the pickling steel plate then do zinc coating again.


Galvanized steel used to produce steel pipes, such as: greenhouse pipes, pipes for drinking water, radiator, gas pipeline; also be applied to the construction, light industry, automobile, agriculture and animal husbandry, fisheries, and commercial industries.
IMG_1430.JPGGalvanized steel strip show (3) The construction industry is mainly used for manufacturing corrosion resistant industrial and civil roof, roof grille; appliance housing, civil chimney, kitchen utensils, such as light industry, its manufacturing, automotive industry for the manufacture of cars, corrosion resistant components; Nongmu Yu owners use to do food storage, frozen meat and aquatic products processing appliances; business is mainly used as storage and transportation of materials, packaging appliances.