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Lightweight Insulated Roofing with Excellent Quality for Villa

Lightweight Insulated Roofing with Excellent Quality for Villa

Introduction of Lightweight Insulated Roofing:

synthetic resin tile adopts Europe advanced co-extrusion technology, using ASA high weather resistant engineering plastic and PVC (polyvinyl chloride resin) as main material, mixing anti-UV agent, shielding agent, anti-oxidant, modifier and other super weather resistant chemical indredients.

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Specification of Lightweight Insulated Roofing


880 Type

1050 Type

Overall Width



Efficient Width



Wave Pitch


Wave Spacing


Wave Height



2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm(±0.2mm)


6m or less than 6m, can be customized but should be multiple of 250mm (wave pitch)


synthetic resin


glaze,pitted surface


purplish red, bright red, brick red, sky blue, grey, dark green, white, golden, or customized

Purlin distance



house, villa, mobile house, garden, farm, tourist areas, shopping malls, residential areas, etc.

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Product Show of Lightweight Insulated Roofing

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Features of Lightweight Insulated Roofing

1.Lasting color ( No fade in 10 years);
2.Excellent load-carrying ability ( 150KG of load is applied);
3.Good sound insulation ( Under the noise of rainstorm and strong wind);
4.Strong fire resistance ( Its fireproofing performance is > class B1);
5.Excellent corrosion resistance ( Especially use in places where acid rain often falls and coastal areas);
6.Good impact resistance and cold resistance (Not crack after a 1KG steel ball falls on 3 meters hight);
7.Good self-cleaning performance;
8.Dimension stability ( The expansion cosfficient is 4.95*10-5 mm/mm/°C);
9.Extraordinary insulation;
10.Excellent waterproof performance;
11.Green and environment friendly;
12.Extrordinary heat preservation and heat insulation ( 2~3 celsius degree lower than steel tile);
13.Fast installation ( Light weight );

Application of Lightweight Insulated Roofing

Residential houses, villa, apartments, temple etc...
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