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Product Technique of Hot Sale Centrifugal glass wool blanket

Product Technique of Hot Sale Centrifugal glass wool blanket


Product Technique of Hot Sale Centrifugal glass wool blanket

The centrifugal glass wool blanket is a products made in a process in which glass fiber is made from molten glass using the patented centrifugal method and processed with addition of environment adhesive mainly composed of ther-mosetting resin.


It is an elastic felt-like mass piled up with glass fibers only a few in diameter, with possibility of applying moisture-proof facing on the production line according to requirement.

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Application of Hot Sale Centrifugal glass wool blanket


Glass Wool Roll maintains the heat insulation and preserving function and has very good shock reducing and sound absorbing property.It especially effective for medium and low frequency shocks and noises and is a good product for reducing noise pollution and improving work environment. Glass wool blanket with aluminum foil has strong capacity to resist heat radiation and is an excellent material for the inner lining for high temperature workshops,control rooms,inner wall,compartments and ceiling of equipment rooms.

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