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PVC Roof panels /UPVC Heat Insulation Roof Sheet/Plastic Sheets for Roofing Prices

PVC Roof panels /UPVC Heat Insulation Roof Sheet/Plastic Sheets for Roofing Prices


Product Type: Wave Form of UPVC Roofing Sheets
Shape: Corrugated Waves
Surface: Plain
Layer Type: Single Layer; 3  Layers
Color:  Green.White,Blue,Yellow,Gray
Width: 860/930
Thickness: 2.0,2.5,3.0mm

Pictures of PVC Roof panels /UPVC Heat Insulation Roof Sheet/Plastic Sheets for Roofing:

PVC Roof panels.jpg

Plastic Sheets for Roofing.jpg


PVC tile installation should choose appropriate purlin spacing to prevent deformation cracking.
Water leakage ,specific reference to the following:
•The thickness of the pvc roof tiles is≤1.3mm to use the purling space≤600mm.
the circular arch roof to use for the purling space≤700mm.the thickness between
1.3mm to 1.8mm of the tiles need to use for purling space ≤700mm.
the arched back roof to be ≤800mm.the thickness 1.8mm to 3mm of roof sheet to
use for the purling space as ≤800mm and circular arch style to use purling space≤900mm

•The installation of the corrugated pvc roof sheets have to cover two pitch of the sheet area on

 the width and the trapezium pvc roof sheet to cover one pitch on the width and to cover >250mm
 on the length.
•If use tapping screw that need to drill a hole with ratio 2-3mm first.

Application of Wave Form of upvc roofing sheets:

High-grade plant,steel plant, warehouse, farmer market and carport,etc.

UPVC Roofing Sheet.jpg

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