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Synthetic resin roof tile

The synthetic resin tile gradually replaced glazed tile by its own advantages,such as less weight,strength and aging resistance.Besides,ecological performance like water proof,damp proof,anticorrosion,antiflaming,sound insulation and thermal insulation are all included.Processability:direct nailing,drilling and sawing. Decorativeness(colorful,natural,bonded with a variety of decorative materials ).Economy(a significant degree of saving auxiliary materials in the ordinary tiles such as: bamboo,reed mat,oil blankets and roof panels, etc.) Applicability:can be used in new and old plant, warehouse,breeding plant,Residential,construction of new rural residents of high-grade villas, awning,awning,antique buildings,etc.

Synthetic resin tile "cool in summer and warm in winter,high quality and inexpensive",as the new product in east China,has been fully shelves, and leads tile industry,already made industrial restructuring in the tile field,meanwhile it fully responds to the country's Environmental protection and low carbon policies and the call of establishing a conservation-oriented society.

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