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China Factory Supply Synthetic Resin Roofing Tile with Competitive Price

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Synthetic Resin Roof Tile (Synthetic Resin Tile) is an excellent waterproof and new multifunctional building material which has been widely used in many countries .

The surface material adopts the ASA high weather resistant engineering plastic .ASA is a ternary polymer made up of acrylonitrile, styrene and acrylate with outstanding durability, UV resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, which ensures the bright color and luster and superb durability and chemical corrosion resistance of the product; the sublayer material is the extremely tough polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC), which ensures strength while increasing rigidity. 

Synthetic Resin Roof Tile has a high level of sound absorption and heat insulation, it is also light-weight for easy installation , maintain and use .

In extreme weather or different climates, it is more reliable and durable than other traditional roofing material .

Accessory :

main ridge tile ; diagonal ridge tile ; three-way ridge tilefittings .


Wave Spacing: 160mm

Wave Pitch : 250mm

Wave Height: 30mm

Overall Width: 880mm

Efficient Width: 800mm

Thickness: 2.5, 3.0mm(±0.2mm)

Purlin distance: 660mm

Weight: 5kg-6kg square meter

Length: Customized but should be multiple of 250mm(wave pitch)

Color: red, brick red, grey, green, white, blue, golden, or customized.




1) Excellent Weather-Resistance: The surface of Synthetic Resin Roof Tile is coated with ASA which is super weather resistance engineering resin to ensure lasting beautiful color even under the conditions of longtime exposing in UV, humidity, hot, cold and impaction,etc

2) Excellent Corrosion Resistance: It can resist acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion in the long time.

3) Excellent Loading Resistance Property: SAN MIN Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles have excellent loading resistance property.

4) Excellent Impact Resistance

5) Excellent Insulation Properties: SAN MIN Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles adopt insulating material which is much more safety than steel sheet especially in the thunderstorm areas and near to high voltage line areas.

6) Self-Cleaning: The compact and smooth surface with ‘’lotus effect’’ don’t absorb dust and can clean as new one after washed by rain.

7) Convenient Installation:Large size per sheet, high installation efficiency, light weight, easy hoisting and unloading,complete supporting facilities, simple tool and procedures.

8) Environment Friendly:

SAN MIN Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles don’t include asbestos and radioactive element, meet the requirement of environment protection, can be recycled completely.

9) Good Fire Resistance

10) Good Sound Insulation 


Easier and faster installation than traditional ceramic tile,and there is no break during installation.

Clients can get installation Video when once purchase product.

Once time install,no maintenance,save time,energy and money!

Application :

Synthetic Resin Roof Tile is widely used for residential house,villa, workshop, warehouse, building lighting, greenhouse, sound-insulation walls and advertising boxes etc 

synthetic resin roof tile application.jpg

Some photos of our past work:


Synthetic Resin roof tile-4.jpg

Synthetic resin roof tile.jpg


Synthetic Resin Tile.jpg


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