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What is Spanish Tile Roof

What is Spanish Tile Roof



Spanish Tile Roof/Snthetic Resin Roofing Sheet are most advanced  extrusion  technology for one processing, including two or three layer,each layer materials have their own function.

The surface layer is ASA(A = Acrylonitrile,S = Styrene,A = Acrylate) the raw material which is imported from American GC company, Featured by its lasting color corrosion resistance.

The middle layer is backbone layer,heat insulation, sound insulation, wind resistance,

shock resistance, hail resistance.The bottom layer is abrasion resistance layer, fire resistance.

Types of Spanish Roof Tiles/ Spanish Tile Roof Synthetic


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Product Show of Spanish Tile Roof/Lightweight Spanish Roof Tile

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Our Factory&Workshop of Spanish Roof Tiles Plastic

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Cheap Roofing Materials Advantages:

High Efficiency 88%-92%
Color stable 20 years
Excellent load bearing performance
Volume stable even if the temperature changes
Corrosion resistant, no action with 60% acid, alkali, salt
The Residential Roofing Tiles looks natural same as clay roof tiles
Fire Proof Grade B1, very difficult to burn
Light weight, bigger size per piece makes it easier to install!

With 4 production lines we adopt the latest production technology and advanced production
equipment to process our products, thus the finished roof tiles are all perfectly cut.
So far, our products have enjoyed great popularity home and abroad,including Africa and
Latin American countries.

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Our Expo

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