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Can Glass Wool Blanket Be Easily Installed On All Kinds Of Roof Structure?

SANMIN Fiber glass wool blankets is non combustible, thermal and acoustic insulation. There is no emission of toxic gases when exposed to fire and thus is one of the most Eco friendly options in insulation of entire building services. SANMIN Glass Wool insulation has the excellent specialty of light weight,that is widely used in building as thermal insulation and sound absorption material.SANMIN Glass wool Roll Insulation can be easily installed on all kinds of roof structure.

Roofing construction

1. When laying the glass wool roll, the facings faces the indoor side, perpendicular to the purlin, and about 20 cm of the felt is left at one eave, and it is fixed on the outermost purlin with a special jig or double-sided tape.

2. Ensure alignment and tension during unwinding. Lay the glass wool felt to the other side of the eaves, and leave a 20 cm roll of felt. Fix it on the outermost purlin with a special clamp or double-sided tape.

3. The two rolls of cotton are connected together by stapler binding on the veneer.

4. Install the roof color steel plate, remove the special fixture at the eaves, and use the reserved 20 cm veneer to cover the glass wool.

5, pay attention to the tension and alignment of the heat insulation glass wool, the seam between the roll and the roll is tight, and when the longitudinal direction needs to be overlapped, the joint should be placed at the row and drain.

6, according to the needs of the project, in order to avoid the generation of cold bridges, you can consider putting some hard insulation materials on the purlins.

Wall construction

1. The facings faces the indoor side, from the eaves to the wall, and the glass wool is fixed on the lowermost purlin with double-sided tape, leaving 20 cm more.

2. Cut the glass wool felt over 20 cm above the wall top and fix it with double-sided tape.

3. Close the glass wool and install the wall color steel plate.

4. The two rolls of cotton are joined together by a stapler on the veneer.

5. Care should be taken to keep the glass lap tight, aligned, vertical, and tightly seamed between the roll and the roll.

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