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Color Steel Tile Is Widely Used In Civil Construction

Color steel tile, is the use of color coated steel plate by rolling cold bending into a variety of wave type of pressure plate. Aluminum tile, also known as pressure aluminum, aluminum corrugated board, corrugated aluminum, aluminum plate by the cold bending into a variety of wave-type pressure plate.

Color steel tile is currently widely used in industrial and civil construction, warehouses, large span steel structure of the roof, walls and interior and exterior decoration. Color steel roof for the slope of the roof, the common slope of 10% and 5%. In the country, this type of roof installation of photovoltaic power plants more examples. For such roofs, the PV modules may be laid parallel to the slope of the roof, Color Steel Tile or may be arranged in a manner of inclination.

First, the color steel tile roof construction requirements

Color steel roof photovoltaic power generation project is the existing building color steel roof renovation project, the roof form and the structure of the building structure of the photovoltaic stent project cost greater impact. In general, the higher the waterproof level of the roof, the roof waterproof layer is not exposed, the greater the live load of the roof and the overall structure of the building is better, carrying capacity of the roof, the lower the cost of photovoltaic support project, on the contrary, Color Steel Tile the project cost The higher the higher.

According to the structure of the building, the roof form and the bearing capacity, taking into account the actual electricity load and installation capacity and other factors, the main layout of the project: along the roof slope tile layout, components as a roof layout,

1. PV stent floor through the structural adhesive and roof waterproof layer connected to reduce the photovoltaic power plant on the roof of the additional load.

2. To reduce the amount of cable, on the part of the color steel roof and the roof structure of the roof using the northern slope of the layout of the way to increase the amount of electricity.

Second, different load-bearing color steel tile roof installation

The installation of the color plate is directly related to the load of the frame or roof, Color Steel Tile purlin and roof. The following Xiaobian introduced 4 to install the way to choose from.

A. The use of photovoltaic bracket with the connection with the roof panel, and as close to the purlins fixed position.

Applicable conditions: rigid frame or roof truss, purlins can meet the design requirements and the roof stiffness

B. The connection is directly connected to the roof panel at the purlin, or the connection is connected to the purlin by penetrating the roof panel.

Applicable conditions: frame or roof, purlins can meet the design requirements, Color Steel Tile but the roof stiffness is small

C. Connect the connector to the frame or roof frame

Applicable conditions: only the frame or roof frame to meet the design requirements, purlin and roof load capacity is small

D. There is also a connection for the location of the fixed bracket to cut off the roof, through the steel column connected to the roof steel beam.

The above is on the color of the roof of the photovoltaic bracket layout summary, for the penetration of the roof of the connection, must be with a waterproof gasket or sealed with structural adhesive to ensure waterproof capacity. If the frame or roof, purlin, roof panels can not meet the design requirements: the roof can not build photovoltaic power plant project.

Third, Caigang tile roof PV project pre-design considerations

1. Clear the form and laying of PV modules, clear the original roof of the building.

2. Clear the structure of the original building and the main structural components of the calculation.

3. According to the roof form of the original building, the structure form, Color Steel Tile the arrangement form of the PV array, the form of the PV module itself, the structural accounting result and the possible construction measures and so on, give a variety of feasible bracket arrangement, The optimal arrangement.

4. Roof photovoltaic power plant project has its construction on the particularity, taking into account the site construction conditions, select the appropriate construction process, and give the construction of the precautions, the construction of protective agent safety construction measures.