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Conventional Colors Of Composite Steel Tiles

Composite steel tile is the use of high-tech chemical technology developed from the new building materials, with light weight, high strength, waterproof moisture, corrosion and flame retardant, Composite Steel Tile noise insulation and other fine features, generally applicable to the development zone Ping slope, farmers Market, shopping malls, residential quarters, new rural construction residents high - end villas, awnings, awnings, antique buildings.

Composite steel tiles with color lasting, corrosion-resistant, green and other characteristics, is now widely used in civil construction, many users of its specifications are more concerned about whether the specifications have their own needs, the following we understand the next What specifications do it have?

Thickness: 2.5mm and 3.0mm;

Length: made in multiples of pitch;

Size: total width of 1050mm; effective width of 960mm;

Wave type: pitch 160mm; wave height 30mm; pitch 219mm;

Conventional colors: red, brick red, green gray, light gray, dark green, ocean blue (other colors can also be customized).

After the purchase of high-quality composite steel tiles, Composite Steel Tile we will also be installed, the correct installation method to make it to achieve the desired effect, the following is a brief description of the installation of composite steel tiles.

1, the installation of composite steel tiles, Composite Steel Tile roof truss structure of steel or wood purlin, the line required smooth, not deformation, and the strip parallel to each other, even span.

2, purlin spacing in the 600mm-800mm.

3, wave-shaped horizontal connection must take 8 waves, Composite Steel Tile trapezoidal horizontal connection must pick up a wave, vertical lap length greater than or equal to 300.

4, if the use of self-tapping screws, must be pre-drilling, aperture is greater than 20% of the screw diameter, it is recommended to use the tuck hook fixed. Or screw and tuck hook with the use of screws can not lock too tight, otherwise lead to local cracks or deformation caused by leakage.

5, fixed screw and the number of hooks required per square not less than 6 sets.

6, composite steel tile tile lap to take into account the slope and the impact of perennial dominant winds, tile board arrangement and laying should be the same with the local perennial dominant wind direction, that is, Composite Steel Tile tile outside the exposed interface to carry the dominant wind direction.

7, the use of neutral glass glue and the appropriate cushion material to prevent leakage.

Composite steel tiles should be properly installed before the appropriate choice of specifications products, Composite Steel Tile while the fixed parts and other construction tools should be prepared to ensure the smooth progress of construction.