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Galvanized Steel Has Good Corrosion Resistance

Galvanized steel strip is made of ordinary steel pickling, galvanizing, packaging and other processes, galvanized steel strip with galvanized layer and organic coating double protection, because of good corrosion resistance, so extensive application.

Hot-dip galvanizing, also known as hot-dip galvanizing, is a method in which steel components are immersed in molten zinc solution to obtain a metal coating. Usually galvanized (cold galvanized) layer thickness of 5 ~ 15μm, and hot galvanized layer is generally more than 35μm, or even up to 200μm. Hot galvanized coverage is good, the coating is dense, no organic inclusions. It is well known that the mechanism of anti-atmospheric corrosion of zinc has mechanical protection and electrochemical protection. Under atmospheric corrosion conditions, ZnO, Zn (OH) 2 and basic zinc carbonate protective film on the surface of zinc layer, to a certain extent, Galvanized Steel Strip reduce the corrosion of zinc. Layer protective film (also known as white rust) is damaged and will form a new film. When the zinc layer is seriously damaged, endanger the iron matrix, zinc on the substrate to produce electrochemical protection, zinc standard potential -0.76V, iron standard potential -0.44V, zinc and iron to form a micro-battery zinc as the anode is dissolved, iron As the cathode is protected. It is clear that the hot-dip galvanizing is superior to galvanized by the atmospheric corrosion resistance of the base metal iron.

So the main difference between galvanized steel strip and cold-rolled strip has the following 2 points:

1, galvanized steel with better mechanical properties.

2, galvanized steel with better anti-corrosion performance, not fade.

3, hot galvanized coating uniform, strong adhesion, easy to delamination.

4, longer service life.

Galvanized steel is cold rolled or hot rolled, long and narrow strip of steel plate with varying degrees of plating called (zinc) of raw materials. Galvanized strip has many years of rust, Galvanized Steel Strip corrosion resistance characteristics, it can be done without external adverse environmental effects, and always maintain their own performance and appearance. Therefore, galvanized steel is generally used to make steel pipe, such as: shed tube, drinking water pipes, heating pipes, gas pipeline; can also be used in construction, light industry, automobile, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery and commercial industries.

Galvanized strip is widely used in life, we are also very concerned about its quality problems, then how to distinguish it from good or bad?

1. The first depends on the quality of the material used in the steel, Galvanized Steel Strip how to do heat treatment process, the amount of galvanized will not affect the quality of the final product

2. The second secondary galvanized pipe is presented in a folded state, and the appearance of such a galvanized pipe in the folded state is the main reason for the formation of such a fold line, which is often through the longitudinal direction of the entire product, And the reasons for the collapse may be due to some of the manufacturers do not meet the requirements of the high efficiency of the recommended reading: China's hazardous waste treatment will go from here?

3. The third and this will produce such a fold when the amount of depression is too large, and if the use of this folding galvanized pipe after bending may occur cracking, Galvanized Steel Strip so that the strength of steel is not large. And some of the residual galvanized pipe in the surface above there will be noodles phenomenon, and these linen may be due to the production of galvanized pipe manufacturers used in the production of equipment on the surface irregularities and uneven caused, so Because the residual galvanized pipe tends to make the production equipment overrun, so the appearance will appear Ma Ma phenomenon. And often the quality is not very good galvanized pipe or will be prone to scarring, because the general quality is not high galvanized pipe production of raw materials are mostly not very uniform, which contains the magazine is relatively high. And low-quality galvanized pipe manufacturers are mostly very simple production equipment, it is easy to cause sticky steel and other issues, Galvanized Steel Strip so that will be produced in the galvanized pipe above the scars.