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Glass Steel Roof Panel Bearing Capacity

The glass and steel roof panel is characterized by including metal pressure plate and FRP material, and the FRP material is laid on the upper and lower sides of the metal pressure plate. Metal pressure plate for the steel plate. The anti-corrosion performance of the utility model is good, the bearing capacity is strong, the thickness of the roof panel is reduced, the manufacturing is relatively simple and the cost is low.

Today, a wide variety of building materials, the use of what material as a roof tile, Transparent FRP Roofing Sheet its safety performance is essential, today we talk about the safety performance of fiberglass roof panels, so that we have a more profound understanding of our glass steel panel technology produce.

As well as glass steel roof panel manufacturers of production technology and so on. We usually say that the hardness of FRP panels is very high, and for FRP panels, Transparent FRP Roofing Sheet their safety performance is often also dependent on its flexibility and hardness, which is the R & D staff and customers the most important two points. No matter how the development of this society, we will use the roof of the roof of the building process, but the product with the development of science and technology in the replacement, Transparent FRP Roofing Sheet but I believe that no matter which change, Safety performance, which is one of the most important indicators.

FRP panels have a lot of advantages, and it is very obvious that we know that FRP panels have a strong anti-corrosion performance, but its fire performance may not be known to our consumers, Transparent FRP Roofing Sheet this is also a very important Technology, which has a good fire performance, so that it can not become a fire guide.

The insulation performance of FRP panels is also the reason why glass and steel roof panels are widely used.

Its sound insulation performance is better than other roof panels, soft lighting gives us a safe and comfortable living and working environment. But also to ensure a good breeding environment for animal husbandry and flower culture. Based on the excellent performance of glass steel roof panels, Transparent FRP Roofing Sheet each steel structure is the preferred choice of roof panels.

FRP panels also have these characteristics of the production cycle and the installation cycle is short, once installed, the service life of up to 20 years.