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Glass Wool Felt Has Several Functions

The first function of the glass wool felt is to maintain the temperature. This kind of material can be kept warm because it can prevent the leakage of hot air, so if you use this material, you can keep the temperature inside the material to be protected by this material, and it can not be easily in a relatively constant range. Cool down. This is a very popular feature. Of course it's not just one of its features, but there are many other features.


The second function of the glass wool felt is insulation. Because it prevents hot air from scattering from one side to the other, it is generally insulated for the other side, and it is insulated for the other side. With this material, it keeps one side of the heat all the way to the other side. In this case, the other side will not be disturbed by the heat, so people can perform activities here as usual, which is a very important thing in the project.


The third function of the glass wool felt is sound absorption. This is related to its material, but specifically how a function is not mentioned here, roughly summed up is that it can convert sound energy into another energy and make the sound disappear. Therefore, in addition to thermal insulation, it will also play a big role in sound absorption, so everyone will use this material to make the wall, so that the sound insulation energy of the room will be stronger.

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