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Installation Of Color Steel Tiles

At present, Caucasian roof is mostly slope roof, common slope of 5% and 10%. Color steel tile for the pressure plate or pressure sandwich panels, the lower part of the purlins, purlins erected in the door-like steel frame and other major support structure. In the country, this type of roof installation of photovoltaic power plants more examples. For such roofs, the PV modules may be laid parallel to the slope of the roof, Color Steel Tile or may be arranged in a manner at an angle. The upper bracket can be connected to the roof load bearing structure by means of different connectors.

Common color steel roof of the main forms are: upright lock type, angle Chi type, bayonet type, Ming nail type.

Different color steel tile structure corresponds to different bracket fixture, fixture and color steel tile match the better the higher the reliability of the bracket installation.

Construction of steel tile roof

Color steel roof photovoltaic power generation project belongs to the existing building color steel roof renovation project, and thus the roof of the building form, Color Steel Tile the structure of the building, the layout of the PV array and the form of the PV module itself, the above conditions, the diversity of decisions The roof of the photovoltaic stand in a variety of forms. The form of the roof and the structure of the building have a great influence on the project cost of the photovoltaic stent. In general, the higher the waterproof level of the roof, the roof waterproof layer is not exposed, the greater the live load of the roof and the overall structure of the building is better, carrying capacity of the roof, the lower the cost of photovoltaic shelves, Color Steel Tile The higher the higher.

According to the structure of the original building, roof form and bearing capacity, taking into account the actual power load and installation capacity of the workshop and other factors, the main layout of the project: along the roof slope layout, the assembly as a roof Form, Color Steel Tile the north slope from a certain angle, so that the northern slope of the layout and the same slope.

Different load-bearing color steel tile roof installation,

Steel frames or roof trusses, purlins and roof panels as an important part of the color steel roof. The installation of color steel plate and steel frame or roof, Color Steel Tile purlin and roof of the bearing directly have an important relationship. The number and size of the various connectors and fasteners can be determined by means of static calculation and design.

1) steel frame or roof trusses, purlins can meet the design requirements and the roof steel when the steel is relatively large, this approach is more reasonable installation conditions, Color Steel Tile the use of connectors connected with the roof panels, and as close as possible purlin position fixed. ,

2) steel frame or roof truss, purlins can meet the design requirements, but the roof steel is small, deformation is large, this type of color steel roof mainly for the carport, bus waiting room, farm and some other requirements Too high place. The PV brackets may be connected directly to the roof panel at the purlin, and the connection may be connected to the purlins by penetrating the roof panel.

3) only steel or roof frame to meet the design requirements, purlin and roofing load capacity is small, this arrangement, the use of connectors and steel frame or roof trusses, Color Steel Tile the specific connection with the installation of the bracket and purlin through the roof panel connection The

4) There is also a way to connect the position of the fixed bracket to cut off the roof, through the steel column connected to the roof steel beam.

Above for the main color steel tile roof of the photovoltaic stent layout summary, for penetrating the roof of the connection, must be with a waterproof gasket or sealed with structural adhesive to ensure waterproof capacity. If the steel frame or roof, purlin, roof panels can not meet the design requirements: the original roof can not build photovoltaic power plant project. Before the design of the bracket, the original roof of the steel frame or roof, purlins, roof panels and other force components for accurate accounting.