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Synthetic Resin Tile For Concrete Structure

Synthetic resin tile is the main component of synthetic resin, that is, a synthetic type of polymer. Under the action of external force can be plastic flow state, some properties and natural resin similar.

Synthetic resin tile surface material is the most critical, the choice of surface material directly affect the service life of resin tiles, Synthetic Resin Tile in most cases the use of excellent ultra-weathering material ASA or PMMA, through the surface co-extrusion final molding. The weatherability of the product directly leads to the service life of the synthetic resin tile.

At the same time, synthetic resin tile is good or bad, but also with the use of surface materials, and co-extrusion technology.

Synthetic resin tile weathering excellence - the service life of not less than 50 years

Synthetic resin tile with a unique ultra-weather anti-aging formula design, proven by: in Russia, mainland China, the southeast coast, Southeast Asia and other climatic conditions, have shown a good application

Synthetic resin tile waterproof performance prominent - free waterproof layer

Synthetic resin tiles in the 15 degrees -90 degrees slope roof construction are used to avoid waterproof layer. Resin Wawa material characteristics, structure, Synthetic Resin Tile patent accessories and scientific and reasonable installation of the roof to become a whole waterproof system

Synthetic resin tile wind, earthquake - 90 degrees building facade decoration safe and reliable

Synthetic resin tile Whether applied to the villa or high-rise, Synthetic Resin Tile the mainland or coastal, can withstand hurricane, earthquake invasion, roof system safe and reliable

Synthetic resin tile color rich, new personality, lasting stability

Synthetic Resin Taste Featured Twenty-five colors are your architectural personality. Resin tile tile surface smooth, with strong acid and alkali properties, so in any environment will not mildew, corrosion, rain as new.

Synthetic resin tile fire performance is good

In line with national fire protection requirements of roofing materials, Synthetic Resin Tile to achieve the standard of flame retardant, effectively delay the spread of fire.

Synthetic resin tile insulation, insulation - the highest insulation performance of the roof tile

2.2mm thick synthetic resin tile thermal conductivity of only 0.06kcal / m.h. ℃, 15mm cement tile insulation performance of 6 times

Synthetic resin tile sound insulation performance

The porous material of the synthetic resin tile core layer causes the sound energy to decay due to friction in the porous wall, thereby producing a sound absorbing effect, so that the roof inhabitants are protected from noise

Synthetic resin tile excellent toughness and strength

Synthetic resin tile unique three-layer composite structure, two-way stretch process and selected raw materials, Synthetic Resin Tile making it more than similar products with excellent toughness and strength

Synthetic resin tile construction is simple - the fastest pavement, the lowest construction costs

Synthetic resin tile can easily handle the facade and arc window and other special shapes. Large size, light weight, handling light; can be directly nail, saw, drill, planing

Synthetic resin tile economic savings - per square meter can save about 20 yuan or more

Synthetic resin tile slope roof system, Synthetic Resin Tile is the middle and high-grade slope roof in the construction of the lightest weight, the lowest cost of a

Synthetic resin tile scope of application

Synthetic resin tile for concrete structure, steel structure, wood structure, brick and wood mixed structure and other structures New slope roof and old building flat slope slope, for slope 15-90 degrees, for the temperature -40 ℃ -70 ℃

Synthetic resin tile is the country's current advocacy and promotion of a new generation of light green building materials, environmental protection products, energy saving and renewable, synthetic resin tile its unique performance advantages to win the construction industry's general concern and recognition, Synthetic Resin Tile product market prospects Is broad.