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Single Layer PVC Roof Tiles

Material:Raw PVC material,anti-UV agent and other chemical materials
Width:1130mm ( effective width is 1050mm)
Thickness:1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
Length:Customized, max 5800mm for 20'GP, max 11800mm for 40'GP
Colors:Customized,White,Blue,Green,Red,Gray or as clients requirement
Application:Factories,warehouses,car parks,agricultural and trading markets,balconies
Features:Fire retardant,Anti-corrosion,Impact capacity,Weather resistant,low noise,beauty
Wave profile:Trapezoidal
Packing:PE bag package or pallet packing,as per custom requirement
Place of origin: China(mainland)
MOQ: 4000 square meters

Detailed description

Single Layer PVC Roof  Tiles

Product description of Single Layer PVC Roof Tiles:


Raw material: adopt PVC as main material,and add UV anti-ultraviolet and other chemical material,through the process of high thehnology,and get the end product.Production craft:the product uses the most modern single high pressure skill to machine by disposable. 


Our range of PVC corrugated roof sheet is manufactured based on polyvinyl chloride resin. As its name indicates, it adopts PVC as the main raw material. On the basis of a scientific ratio, the main material is then supplemented with anti-UV agent and other chemical raw materials to provide the end product with optimized overall performance.

This economical class plastic roofing material has great color consistency, and is corrosion, fire, and weathe

r resistant. As a kind of non-asbestos building materials, it is environmental friendly, and is available with bright colors.

Product specification of Single Layer PVC Roof Tiles:

Item number

Single Layer PVC Roof Sheet Type 1130


Raw PVC material,anti-UV agent and other chemical materials


1130mm ( effective width is 1050mm)


1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm


Customized, max 5800mm for 20'GP, max 11800mm for 40'GP

Wave Profile



Customized,White,Blue,Green,Red,Gray or as clients requirement

Life span

50 years

Color lasting

10years(ASA coated)


Factories,warehouses,car parks,agricultural and trading markets
Road fences,balconies and heat-insulation sheds etc.
Especially in corrosive chemical plants, smelters  
Ceramic plants, soy sauce factory, chemical  plants
Printing and dyeing plant, organic solvent factory
Acid,alkaliand other corrosive plant


Fire resistance and waterproof

Impact capacity                                       
Weather resistant                                     
Low noise                                            
Multi-color and beautiful design

Environment protection


PE bag package or pallet packing,as per custom requirement.


4000 Square meters

Payment Terms 

T/T, L/C, Western Union

Loading port

Qingdao or Tianjin

 1130单层.jpgSingle Layer PVC Roof Tiles 1.jpg

Single Layer PVC Roof Tiles 2.jpg

Single Layer PVC Roof Tiles 3.jpg


Standard for quality Single Layer PVC Roof Tiles:
Cheap price
Anti-fire:oxygen index O2≥32,hard to flame
Anti-corrosive:corrosive to chemicals,and its life three times longer than zinc plates
Strength and toughness:anti-shock,anti-tensible,not easy to break.
Strong weather resisstent:as the material contain UV anti-ultraviolet,so it can resist UV and stay longer
Low noise:low noise when it rains,over 30db lower than metal shingles
Light:easy to transport and install
Environmental protection:no asbestos and no carcinogentic release absolutely.


Flow of production of Single Layer PVC Roof Tiles

Single Layer PVC Roof Tiles 4.jpg



Construction notes:

Single Layer PVC Roof Tiles 5.jpg

1. Firstly drill, and then hook nail tiles, aperture tahn the ditch screw 2mm
2. Fastening hook nail screw rod 2mm, fastening the hook when the tile under the pad for the special pressure plate. On the nut when the elastic to moderate, not too tight.
3. Cut with a fine tooth saw.
4. The wrong hole can be used special glue stickers.
5. Two watt lap, the vertical pressure at least 100mm, horizontal two watts.
6. Roof truss high ratio of 1:5-1:6.
7. Purlin spacing can not exceed 800mm.




The roof tile shorter than 2.19m can be packed with pallets, longer product can be packed with PE bags or nude.

1.Pallet packaing: tight and keeps the roof tile in safety condition, easy to load and upload.

2PE Bags Packaging

4-5 pcs per bag, keep the roof tiles safe and no scratch, with metal supporting structure in the container, roof tiles are stable during transportation.

For 40'GP, length no longer than 11m, for 20'GP, length no longer than 5.6m.

Our services:


Roof Tile & Technology Support:

Providing Production Report of the roof tiles.

Providing test report.

Competitive shipment service.

Complete after-sales service.

New Shape & Color design.

Quantity budget according to your drawing.

Sample Support:


    Free Roof Tile samples

    Can produce according to your roofing tile sample

    Provide Sample Inspection & Analysis

    Complete choice of shape & color



1. What machine do you use to cut the roof?

Using portable cutting machine.

2.What machine do you use to install the screws?

Portable electric drill.

3. How to install the roof?

Overlap, on the vertical direction overlap 150-200mm, on the horizontal direction overlap one wave.

4.What is the temerature limited of the environment that your roof can be used?

Temperature range: From Minus 35 degree to 72 degree.

6.What color can you produce?

White, blue, brick red, green, grey etc, same as our color swatch. If you need special color, please provide sample.



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