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FRP Corrugated Sheets

Material:High-performance protective film
unsaturated polyester resin, fiberglass
Layer:1 layer
Purlin Spacing:700-800mm
Width:840,820,760, 900mm
1.5mm ,2.0mm,3.0mm
Length:max 5800mm for 20'GP
max 11800mm for 40'GPCustomized
Colors:White-transparent, blue-transparentgreen-transparent
Customized colors for the roofing material is also available

Detailed description

FRP Corrugated Sheets

Product Description of FRP Corrugated Sheets:

The transparent FRP roofing sheet is a kind of light transmitting construction material, offering light transmittance over 85%. It is primarily made of  a thermosetting plastic reinforced with glass fiber. The strength of the glass fiber reinforced plastic steel is several times that of steel or aluminum sheets with the same thickness. The high strength makes sure the product won't deform easily. Meanwhile, this FRP roofing sheet is resistant to aging, corrosion,wearing, and high temperatures. Additionally, it has light weight which ensures convenient installation.


Special Features of FRP Corrugated Sheets:

1. High Light Transmittance
2. Exceptional anti-ultraviolet performance

Technical index of FRP Corrugated Sheets:





Tensile strength(MPa)


Barcol hardness


Tensile modulus(GPa)


Water absorption(%)


Bending strength(MPa)


Distortion temperature(℃)


Bending modulus(GPa)


Coefficient of heat conductivity(w/m.k)


Wet flexural strength(GPa)


Specific gravity(g/cm3)


Wet flexural modulus(GPa)


Application temperature range(℃)

FROM -40 TO130

Determination of the punch-type shear(Mpa)


Flash point(℃)


Coefficient of thermal expansion (cm/cm/℃)


Uv radiation rate(%)


Applications of FRP Corrugated Sheets:

This series of transparent FRP roofing sheet is widely used in the roof construction for farms, chemical factories,warehouses,steel structure buildings, school auditorium,chemical campus and car sheds. Due to superior light transmitting performance, this product offers an optimum roofing sheet selection for construction of green houses and skylights as well as roofing systems with daylighting requirement

FRP Corrugated Sheets 1.jpg

FRP Corrugated Sheets 2.jpg

Installation instruction of Transparent FRP Roofing Sheet:


Transparent FRP Roofing Sheet is kind of permanence product,when connected with the sunlight plate,the sunlight should be on the top.

Installation process of Transparent FRP Roofing Sheet:


-Easy installation, easier than clay roof tile, glazed roof tile.

-Clients can get installation Video when once purchase product.

-Provide full course of follow up service.

Product show:

FRP Corrugated Sheets 3.jpg

FRP Corrugated Sheets 4.jpg

Advantages of FRP Corrugated Sheets:


The light transmission:The transmittance can be customized from 30% to 85%,the sunlight will get through the FRP sunlight roof Scattered and become more soft to make the entire room shinning brightly.

Flame retardant:The flame retardant has class 1 and class 2,Oxygen Index of the class 1 is 01≥32,the class 2 is 2≥26,meet the need of the fire fighting.

Weather resistance:The material we used contains UV absorber,on the surface 20 Dubang anti-aging film covered,can make the 99.9% UV off the sunlight and reduce the degradation and discoloration,thus,he roof sheet will be kept at least 15 years.

Impact resistance:The Impact resistance of FRP will be improved due to the criss-cross of the glass fiber reinforced plastic.

Corrosion resistance:The Transparent FRP Roofing Sheet will be preservative in the environment of different kinds of acid,alkali or other chemicals.


Production workshop of FRP Corrugated Sheets:


FRP Corrugated Sheets 5.jpg

Packaging & Shipping:

Often naked package with full container, or using the wooden pallet packed when LCL. or customized as per buyer needed.

FRP Corrugated Sheets 6.jpg

FRP Corrugated Sheets 7.jpg

Our Advantage:

1.We have produced and designed the items with about 20 years of experiences.

2.We have advanced facilities for production, most of the products are welded by automatic machine.

3.We have CE and TUV certificates which can assure the quality of our products.

4.We have many years of export experiences, our friendly and professional sales team can offerfavorable services.

5.We have strong engineering team that can give best solution for your projects.


Our Services:

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